Call for alternatives to plastics in agriculture

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Stimulating the development of alternatives to field plastics in agriculture

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Download the Think Beyond Report on Plastic Uses in Agriculture here.

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What we are looking for

New Materials
New material, new formulation or an existing material used in a new way.
New Design

A design modification or a new design that ensures longevity and recyclability.

Better Collection
Must have documented, measurable proven value and benefits.
Waste 2 Energy
Must have proven environmental benefit.

Benefits to the winners

Industry Access and Mentorship

Business guidance, mentorship and pilot installations at Driscoll’s and industry partners.

Tailored scaling services

At the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Center with industry mentorship and access to the GEC Catalyst and the GEC Technology programmes.

Invitation to the annual Investor Forum

An annual event hosted by Think Beyond and the Global Entrepreneurship Center.

Access to a global Innovation Ecosystem

Global network of investors, industry and innovators.

Selection Criteria

Business Viability
Partner Ecosystem


Registrations are now closed.

Thank you for your interest and participation

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