The Global Entrepreneurship Centre announces a special Call for Solution in response to the current geo-political situation in Europe:

“Entrepreneurs for local and regional energy independency, self-sufficiency and resilience”

supported by

200.000 EUR *

for the 

Best Energy/ Carbon Entrepreneur

20.000 EUR *


Future Innovation Champions

*in Scaleup Services

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre’s (GEC) mandate is to increase the number of successful start-ups that scale and reach commercial success. The GEC supports transformative companies that focus on Sustainable Technologies (SusTech) for achieving circularity, the global climate targets of the Paris Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The GEC  supports and brings to the market the world’s best SusTech entrepreneurs through a unique 360° scale-up service and thus crafts the economy of the future.

To identify innovation champions with transformative potential, the GEC will select startups of the energy sector in the following areas:

  • Material and/or product innovation
  • Process, production, storage and logistical innovation
  • Local and regional circularity in energy and carbon systems
  • Carbon capture and use, including fields of textile, food, buildings and mobility
  • Business model and workflow innovation.
Your innovation covers more than one area and is sustainable, circular and transformative?
You have a good chance to win!

You can apply for the following two categories



  • You are an entrepreneur and you have an innovative and sustainable solution for more local and regional energy independency, self-sufficiency and resilience;
  • You have an innovative and sustainable solution for local energy production, higher efficiency, new storage technologies, more local and regional circularity and self-sufficiency or new materials, processing technologies or logistics;
  • You have an innovative and sustainable solution for carbon capture and storage to use carbon as a feedstock for new local and regional supply chains;
  • Your company wants to have a positive impact and contribute to the sustainable economy of the future;
  • And you seek support and investors for the next investment round.


The application is open for entrepreneurs from wider Europe with a technical development level beyond Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 3-4, as defined by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (PDF on – opens a new tab). 

Selection Criteria

The GEC assessment covers the following criteria:
  • Innovation,
  • Team,
  • Business viability,
  • Market potential,
  • Partnerships,
  • Direct and indirect impact on the achievement of the global climate targets of the Paris Accord, on the Achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, on the Implementation of Circular Economy Concepts

Key Dates

Step 1: Application Deadline – June 12, 2022
Application window for startups & scale-ups
Step 2: Assessment - June-August 2022
Review and assessment of applications based on sustainability, innovation, business viability, partner ecosystem. Semi-finalists will be requested to fill the assessment questionnaire in the course of July
Step 3: Selection - September 2022
Joint development of a scaleup plan based on company priorities and bottlenecks to scale
Step 4: Finalists - October 2022
Announcement of selected companies for the GEC Catalyst and the GEC Factory


The GEC will invest up to 200.000 Euro (no equity) in the selected company as in-kind scale-up services. This company will receive unique, individualized GEC scale-up Factory services (including, if applicable, soft-landing services for settlement and/or access to the German market) to craft the economy of the future. The investment as in-kind services (worth up to 200.000 EUR) is to be reimbursed upon success and individual agreement. The GEC investments/services are subjected to German subsidy law and the EU de minimis state-aid regulation.

In addition, up to 5 companies will be granted access free of charge to the GEC Catalyst Programme worth up to 20.000 Euro.


In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! We hold Q&A sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16:00 CET to answer any questions you may have about GEC or the Call for Energy Resilience. Please send us a message to register interest at:

DISCLAIMER: The best Start-up will be at the sole discretion of the GEC. There is no statutory entitlement to receiving the services at any time. If no applications meet the criteria of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre, the call will not be implemented .