The GEC at the DEGUT

Our visit to the deGUT fair in Berlin

At the end of October, we were able to exhibit at deGUT, the largest and most popular start-up fair in Germany, to introduce our innovation center and our two current calls for solution (the GEC Textile Award 2022 & Call for alternatives to plastics in agriculture). In particular, our GEC Textile Award received a lot of attention; Many startups in the textile sector have expressed their interest through discussions and subsequent applications.

During the two days at the fair, we were allowed to take part in a wide variety of lectures and workshops; everything concerning founding and developing a company. We managed to make many new contacts. Exciting ideas were presented and again it became clear, how much the topic of sustainability is more and more in the foreground of many founders. Therefore, the deGUT was a great opportunity to spread our vision and mission. The entire GEC team worked well together and guaranteed a harmonious process.