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2022 GEC Forum – Scaling for Impact


Thursday, 20th October and Friday, 21st October 2022


GEC Campus and digital live stream




The GEC FORUM – Scaling for Impact 2022 is our annual hybrid event showcasing the advancements of our GEC Catalyst start-ups and GEC Factory scale-ups. Moreover, the best sustainable innovations identified by the GEC in the food and energy sectors will be presented to the audience and finally another GEC Call for Solutions in the field of sustainable building and construction will be launched. On 20th and 21st October 2022, the two-day GEC Forum will go live on campus at the AREAL BÖHLER, Duesseldorf, and will be streamed online to a large international audience. We’re happy to share our explicit goal of scaling relevant sustainable deep-tech products and technology (SusTech) to the market.


Day 1

  • Prof. Martin Stuchtey, Founder of The Landbanking Group and SYSTEMIQ
  • Dr. Robert J. ReinhardtSustainable Business Strategy Consultant UN Environment Programme (UNEP) 
  • Zitouni Ould-Dada, Deputy Director at FAO, Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Textiles 10:00am – 1:00pm

Keynote - Dr. Robert J. Reinhard, Systainable Business and Strategy Consultant, UN Environment Programme      GEC Factory & Catalyst scaleup journey
Food Innovators Showcasing Investment Opportunities
Meet & Greet (Investors & Innovators)

AgriPlastic & Food 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Keynote – Zitouni Ould-Dada, UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)
GEC Call for Solution - Feeding the World in a sustainable, healthy & resilient manner
Food Innovators Showcasing Investment Opportunities
Meet & Greet (Investors & Innovators)

Day 2

  • Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO at DENA
  • Mona NeubaurNRW Minister of Economy, Industry, Climate Protection & Energy
  • Marc Weissgerber, Co-Founder & Partner at BAUHAUS EARTH
Energy 10:00am – 12:30pm

Keynote - Andreas Kuhlmann, DENA
Keynote - Mona Neubaur, NRW Minister of Economy, Industry, Climate Protection & Energy
Panel Discussion: How Do We Break Free of Energy Dependency?
Meet & Greet (Investors & Innovators)

Building & Living 1:30pm – 3:55pm

Welcoming Address – Christian Bommers, Mayor of the City of Meerbusch
Keynote - Marc Weissgerber, Bauhaus EARTH
Panel Discussion: Future GEC Builing Showcasing Sustainable Construction 
Launch of the GEC Call for Solutions "Building & Living"

Our Textile Innovators

GEC Factory

Resortecs enables automated, high-quality textile disassembly to facilitate recycling on an industrial scale. Starting with the way clothing is stitched together and ending with technology that takes them apart ahead of recycling. 

NEFFA is facilitating a compact and transparent supply chain allowing brands to offer innovative, fashionable and sustainable products out of biosourced and vegan materials. 

retraced is a cloud-based sustainability management platform that connects fashion and textile companies with all participants in their supply chains on a single digital platform.

GEC Catalyst


EEDEN developed a chemical upcycling process for textile/cotton wastes. Their technology is compatible with mixtures of fibers and is less material intensive than competitive solutions.

ito ito is developing a novel cloud-based Industry 4.0 platform for digitalized on-demand fashion production. With their Shared Factory, they enable designers and labels to build a digital supply chain - waste-free, customizable, responsible and transparent. 

Kintra developed a proprietary polymer for the bio-cycle. Their materials perform like traditional polyester yarns,butdegrade like any natural fiber.

MeMi Textiles was born as the result of a clear gap: A healthier and more sustainable diaper solution that is easy to use, highly performant and comfortable for children.

The only solution on the market to replace measure tapes with 2D and 3D cameras, -to make quality control faster, easier, more reliable and digital connected.

Our AgriPlastic Innovators

GEC Catalyst Alumni

Carbon Upcycling is the one-stop-shop for next generation of high-performance materials with functional benefits and low GHG emission, providing a pathway to net-negative materials in the plastics and concrete sector.

enVerde converts carbon-based waste into syngas, a power generation fuel and building block for other green fuels and chemicals.

Biotic uses renewable marine biomass to manufacture fully bio & based & biodegradable PHBV polymers, as optimal plastic alternatives.

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We scale innovative companies with sustainable technologies, processes and business models for impact.  

Today, only 1.8% of all start-ups reach the Series C investment stage. Together with our investors and strategic partners, the GEC helps its portfolio companies to bridge any obstacles on their path to commercialisation.  We provide focused support for entrepreneurs on their steep technology-readiness ladder to scaling up innovation in the sectors Nutrition + Agriculture, Mobility + Transportation, Textile, Building + Living, embedded in sustainable energy, materials or chemical solutions or empowered by AI and robotics. What we do is driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and by the collective, worldwide task to effectively deliver on the climate targets – relentlessly and faster. 

Supported by the Rhein-Kreis-Neuss, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Global Entrepreneurship Centre is the first structure of its kind to address the scaling challenges of promising SusTechs – deep-tech start-ups with a clear sustainability focus. The GEC is a one-stop shop for access to lab capacity, pilot facilities and hands-on investment, legal, HR, finance, IT, business development services and sustainability advice to enable exponential growth.