GEC Impact Bootcamp

Become the impact champion you strive to be!​

The GEC Impact Bootcamp helps you build an ambitious impact startup wit a clear sustainability purpose, solid responsible foundation and credible story to convince your investors.

Why is it important?

Sustainability is the new norm; demands from legislation, investors, customers are increasing.

Environmental crises are threatening mankind with an unprecedented intensity.

Greenwashing is blurring the lines while unsupported claims can damage reputation.

Why we believe this programme tailored for startups is relevant

Be real and credible

Get your story straight, build a robust narrative based on facts you can defend convingly. Sustainability is a complex topic in a world full of claims in all directions.

Solid foundation for your future business​

Get your story straight, build a robust narrative based on facts you can defend convingly. nSustainability is a complex topic in a world full of claimsin all directions.

Differentiate yourself

The expectations are raising, and the ones who are doing more than greenwashing and are able to demonstrate it have a competitive advantage.​

what you get

We need truly impactful business that embeds sustainabilty along the entire value chainfrom strategy and business model to product and operationsThe GEC Impact Bootcamp provides practical and hands-on support, adapted to the company’s stage of development to meet key stakeholders’ requirements, e.g. investors, customer or legislation.

Sustainability purpose

We help defining your business purpose, pin it to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and align your business activities to your own sustainability goals. 

Product and business model

We explore innovative and circular business models and use the LCA methodology to help you identify early on potential negative impact associated with your product. 

Business operations and key metrics

We explain how ESG reporting works and help you take the first and most relevant step to get your business on the way. We also do a deep dive on CO2 accounting and setting target according to the science ased target initiative.

Communication with credible claims

We showcase different pitfalls of greenwashing and give you guiding principle on how to communicate on sustainability. 

The GEC Impact Bootcamp is

  • A handson programme with practical application to your business  
  • 8 online sessions of 2hrs
  • A cohort of 5 to 10 impact startups
  • Perfect for companies with 3 to 20 employees
  • Delivered by our sustainability experts covering broad range of topics

The cost of the GEC Impact Bootcamp is 1.500€ per company. We accept up to 10 impact startups per cohort, and up to three participants per company​.

startup feedback

Sustainability has always been a defining factor of our business, but as a startup we never had the resources or time to execute our impact ambitions. Going through the Impact Bootcamp gave us the support to bring sustainability to the forefront of our work.
Katherine Albertson
GEC is enabling us to think differently about our business, particularly from the Impact and Sustainable Development Goals perspective.​
Nick Kitchin
Cumulus Energy Storage
An excellent introductory course to sustainability with highly relevant sourced material and links. A very useful first contact with everything a startup should make part of its mission.​
Dimitris Karefyllakis
Time Traveling Milkman

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