GEC Catalyst Portfolio

Catalyst Fall Cohort 2023

Recyc'Elit (FR) is solving difficult polyester based textile recycling issues with their patented breakthrough process.

WindCapture Technologies (IRL) is capturing CO2 from the air using our innovative new wind turbine blades.

Ayrton Energy (CA) enables hydrogen to be stored in a room temperature and pressure liquid that can be managed like diesel.

Genomines (FR) is building the first generation of genetically enhanced metal hyperaccumulator plants for sustainable mining.

Octavia Carbon (KE) is the Global south’s first Direct Air Capture company, leveraging Kenya’s unique natural and demographic endowments to deploy DAC at a low cost.

Volvero (IT) is an app for sharing vehicles that connects owners with people who need one, saving time and money.

Nivel AS (NO) empowers cities to get the best out of shared mobility while maintaining safe and organized public spaces.

Swoove 360 (GH) is building the infra-structure to enable logistics companies in Africa and emerging companies work efficiently and sustainably.

Seedsight LDA (PT) is a global blockchain platform that revolutionises food commodity selection by creating a low-cost tool for informed commodity selection.

Krauts n Sprouts (DE) help producers of potting soils reduce the use of climate-damaging peat in their products with our carbon-rich hydrogel.

Deploy Tech Ltd (GB) offers easy to transport, easy to install and eco-friendly concrete water tanks for any application.

ETB Global (NL) is a technology provider of cutting-edge technology for producing bio-based butadiene from ethanol.

LEBO ROBOTICS (EUROPE) GmbH (DE) Is developing a wind turbine blade maintenance robot.

Swift Lab (KE) advanced solutions provide farmers with unparalleled capabilities to optimize yields, minimize crop stress, and maximize resource efficiency.

Catalyst Summer Cohort 2023

Fenntec (DE) is making organic food cheaper and is getting rid of pesticides, They are developing an AI-based weeding system for autonomous robots.

b.fab (DE) offers a new circular biomanufacturing platform for proteins and chemicals starting from CO2 and renewable energy.

vGreens (DE) develops fully automated and software-driven Indoor Vertical Farms enabling year-round sustainable fruit production near urban centers.

Keey Aerogel (FR) is a manufacturing company producing insulating aerogels derived from traditional silica containing waste material streams.

MESHLE (DE) is a professional provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, excelling in transforming traditional hardware products into smart, energy-efficient devices.

Mimicrete (GB) is implementing biomimetic self-healing concrete technologies and enabling a sustainable built environment.

TEGnology (DK) is providing innovative power supply solutions for electronic devices in difficult-to-reach places by converting heat into electricity. The solution is scalable for smart buildings and cities.

Svarmi (IS) helps energy, infrastructure, food, and beverage companies convert nature data into action. The software platform helps companies assess and track nature influence at the asset level, globally.

Smobya (EST) is redefining the toxic textile and leather industry with biofabricated plastic-free materials powered by microbes. They are building a more efficient cellulose manufacturing system by transforming food waste into high-quality circular materials.

Roundrack (GB) is helping brands source, adopt and integrate 'next-gen' sustainable materials into their supply chain and production line.

Fashion For Biodiversity (DE) is the first ever SpaceTech enabled blockchain startup, informing fashion industry to its real-time impact on earth's environment and biodiversity.

PDA Ecolab (FR) decarbonizes high-performance composites with patent-pending, bio-based materials that improve performance and reduce costs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Zori Tex (GB) is optimising textile waste sorting – combining sensor and AI-powered technologies to drive circularity in fashion.

ESG Brands (US) converts agricultural waste from banana plantations into cotton-like fibers, while also producing clean and drinkable water as a valuable byproduct.

Re-fresh Global (DE/IL) produces thermoplastic materials (Re-SanPulp), bioethanol (Re-Thanol) and Nanocelluose (Re-Nano) from textile wastes by green processes and complete microfactory concepts for franchise.

Catalyst Spring Alumni 2023

VestaEco (PL) produces eco-friendly insulation materials. Their patented technology allows them to produce fibrous pulp from lignocellulosic fibres from agricultural biomass as well as to produce composite boards of low and medium density.

Jeosal Materials (CAN) is a developer of economically viable, and ecologically sustainable solutions for the recycling and reuse of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) waste from production waste and end-of-life sources including automotive, aerospace, marine, wind energy and construction materials.

RongoDesign (RO) is a research and development company that collaborates with natural ecosystems to decarbonize the construction industry by manufacturing carbon-negative materials.

Polycare (DE) offers innovative technologies to realise resource-efficient, modular and circular building solutions designed for the future.

Eco-softfibre (DE) develops and produces bio-soft foams from natural fibers that replace petrochemical soft foams such as polyurethane, which are used for upholstery and sound absorption.

Fluff Stuff (FIN) replaces unsustainable textile fillings with high quality natural alternative and fosters sustainable farming practices.

O-Lia Fiber (IT) creates sustainable and innovative materials for the textile industry promoting a new circular economy from Olive tree waste.

IDELAM (FR) provides innovative clean industrial processes and solutions for improving recyclability and circularity of multi-material complex wastes.

Zeefier (NL) will change the textile industry by creating dyes from seaweed. Seaweed purifies CO2 and produces oxygen, making it a perfect sustainable solution for the fashion and interior industry.

Sortile (US) empowers the textile recycling value chain with solutions to sort, manage and trace textile waste. Enabling circularity and transparency for the fashion industry. 

BUCHA BIO, INC. (US) is combining naturally abundant components and established global extrusion technology. They engineer responsible biomaterials at the pace of consumer demand.

Peelon (US) is providing a 100% biodegradable packaging technology for a variety of fruits and vegetables. The next-gen packaging solutions extend perishables by up to 3X.

Omnivore Recycling (DE) provides equipment for insect production, enabling a sustainable disposal of organic waste streams. They enable everyone to recycle food waste to high-value insect protein.

Greenhub solutions GmbH (DE) is providing climate smart solutions for the indoor farming sector to grow any crop, anytime and anywhere.

SomaTech Ltd (IRL) have built a scalable solid state fermentation platform which uses fungal mycelium to upcycle plant-based side streams creating sustainable, nutritious and healthy ingredients.

Catalyst Fall Alumni 2022

Advanced Biotics ( NL) aim is to improve health in the mass market by making microbiome science and technology more accessible to the everyday shopper.

Bluana Foods (RO) is foodtech startup with the mission to create a plant-based seafood alternative product, for tuna and salmon sashimi.

Sophie's BioNutrients (NL) is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae. It has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile.

Time-travelling Milkman (NL) developed a sustainable creaminess for the plant-based transition that is necessary to feed the future 10 billion inhabitants of the planet.

Adapt Vertical Mills (DE) has developed a new concept of vertical windmills. They are suited to low velocity wind, thereby capturing wind energy that is not used by conventional wind mills.

AquaBattery B.V. (NL) aims to commercialise the world’s most sustainable, safe and low-cost long duration energy storage to enable a net-zero grid.

BAVERTIS GmbH (DE) enables a data driven battery ecosystem to unleash the sustainable future of energy storage in mobility.

Cumulus Energy Storage (GB) developed a low-cost, grid-scale long duration energy storage batteries using patent-granted rechargeable Copper-Zinc technology.

Lambda Energy Ltd (GB) develops light changing materials for boosting the power output of solar panels and increasing the crop yield in greenhouses by 20%.

Koolboks (FR) makes sustainable refrigeration accessible to all. They have solar-powered freezers, equipped with Pay-As-You-Go technology.

Catalyst Spring Alumni 2022

Biotic (IL) is a fully bio-based polymer commodity manufacturer. Their vision is to replace all fossil-fuel-plastics with a scalable, circular, fully biological and environmentally friendly process.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CAN) is a waste and carbon utilization company unlocking a new frontier of circular materials.

Eeden (DE) developed a chemical upcycling process for textile/cotton wastes. They are turning textile waste into valuable resources for new fibers.

EnVerde LLC (US) developed a new technology that can cost-effectively convert waste into clean energy and chemicals.

Ito ito (DE) produces only what someone has ordered. In their Shared Factory everything is made locally, without waste and discounts.

MeMi Textiles (DE) developed a healthier and more sustainable diaper solution that is easy to use, highly performant and comfortable for children.

Thullex (DE) is optimizing production processes in the garment industry by digitizing the optical quality control.

Kintra Fibers (US) developed a proprietary polymer for the bio-cycles, which perform like polyester yarns, but degrade like natural fiber.

What other startups say​

"The mix of excellently taught entrepreneurial methods, group discussions with like-minded startups and investor presentations and Q&As helped us a lot to see our startup from new perspectives. This allowed us to rethink our focus and improve our strategy".
Steffen Gerlach
“The programme gave us great insights on how to achieve investor readiness level and helped us to understand the perspective from an investor point of view. Through the intensive exchange with the other participants twice a week, we got the trust to honestly deal with each other and saw ourselves growing”.
Friederike Pfeffer
"The Catalyst programme is unique and tailored for our needs. The mentor and ecosystem relevance, as well as being part of an intimate group of passionate material startups, was exceptional for us. Daniella and Greg's straightforward approach, combined with their broad and exceptional view, is worth mentioning".
Adi Goldman

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