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GEC Scaling Factory

The GEC Scaling Factory is designed to overcome operational hurdles and barriers to growth. It is a comprehensive offering of tailor-made services specific to the GEC.

What other startups say​

GEC Scaling Factory Startups


Resortecs enables automated, high-quality textile disassembly to facilitate recycling on an industrial scale. Starting with the way clothing is stitched together and ending with technology that takes them apart ahead of recycling. 


NANOO is the sustainable alternative to conventional heating systems. With infrared and carbon nanotube technology, they achieve the highest levels of efficiency in heat generation, energy consumption and heating cost reduction. Their wall, ceiling and floor heaters are available in a variety of sizes, power ratings and colors. 


Supply chain management software. retraced is a cloud-based sustainability management platform that connects fashion and textile companies with all participants in their supply chains on a single digital platform ensuring efficient data exchange and transparency down to the raw material. More information here.

Adapt Vertical Mills

New concept of vertical windmills suited to low velocity wind, thereby capturing wind energy that is not used by conventional wind mills.


NEFFA is facilitating a compact and transparent supply chain allowing brands to offer innovative, fashionable and sustainable products (bags, footwear and apparel) out of biosourced and vegan materials. 


eekual is a disruptive apparel company. They make perfectly fitting sneakers measured via our app made locally on demand in 40 sm nano factories.

Better Nature

Tempeh is a natural plant-based food that originated in Indonesia over 300 years ago. It is made simply from cultured soybeans and water and it is high in protein, fibre and a source of iron. At Better Nature, they use tempeh to make a range of delicious, nutritious and easy-to-cook foods to help make plant-based eating healthier and more enjoyable.


Cosmetic products developed from expertise and passion. Without animal ingredients, vegan and animal-free with PETA certification.

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