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As a founder or startup team you are driven to make a difference! Your have proven your technology a pilot scale and successfully completed first pilots with customers. You are now raising further funding to commercialize your technology.

Your goal: successfully scaling your technology startup for tremendous impact!

The problem

In the EU, only 1.8 % of startups scale. Why? Whereas there is a huge support system for early stage startups within Europe, the support system aimed at companies in the scale-up phase is poorly developed. This is crucial, as what works in the startup phase, doesn’t lead to success in the scale-up phase.

Thus, many startups fail to overcome the 2nd valley of death. This applies specifically to Deep Tech startups that require high investments and extensive support until they reach market readiness in TRL 6 to 9.

The GEC aims to change this.

The GEC Factory Scaling Programme consists of individualised in-kind services to advance your startup to the next level and become the sustech you strive to be. We invest up to €200,000 in your startup via grant and convertible loan investment as in-kind services.

Together with the startup, we curate an individual scale-up roadmap to overcome major scaling challenges e.g. in finances, technical scaling, revenue management and business operations. Throughout the programme, guidance on sustainability and ESG can be provided.

Startups benefit from the support of the GEC staff and a large network of industry leaders and subject matter experts for up to 15 months.

Your benefits

Our Services
The GEC Scaling Factory

In a thorough assessment and due diligence process, the GEC will evaluate your current status and identify your strengths and scaling obstacles. Together, we will pinpoint your most relevant growth levers, taking into account all major barriers to scale.

As there is no one-fits-all solution for successful scaling, we will design an individual Scaling Roadmap. Services are tailored to your specific needs, within the scaling building blocks listed below.

Throughout the programme startups benefit from the support of the GEC staff, our venture developer in your industry and a large network of industry leaders, mentors and subject matter experts.

After 15 months we will review your achievements and re-assess your current status. You will join our lifelong, collaborative community of likeminded startup founders and innovators. 

GEC Scaling Factory Startups


NEFFA (NL) is facilitating a compact and transparent supply chain allowing brands to offer innovative, fashionable and sustainable products (bags, footwear and apparel) out of biosourced and vegan materials. 


Resortecs (BEL) enables automated, high-quality textile disassembly to facilitate recycling on an industrial scale. Starting with the way clothing is stitched together and ending with technology that takes them apart ahead of recycling. 

Better Nature

Better Nature (GB) has rethought tempeh, a natural plant-based food that originated in Indonesia over 300 years ago. They use tempeh to make a range of delicious, nutritious and easy-to-cook foods to help make plant-based eating healthier and more enjoyable.


Retraced (DE) is a cloud-based sustainability management platform that connects fashion and textile companies with all participants in their supply chains on a single digital platform ensuring efficient data exchange and transparency down to the raw material. More information here.

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