The GEC Factory
  scaling for impact

The Factory Concept

GEC Scaling Factory
The GEC Factory Scaling programme provides Sustech companies with tailor-made operational services, assets and scaling infrastructure to enable growth and lasting impact. It is established in coordination with the company around its priorities across key operational areas.

The goal is to enable exponential growth by helping on key operational areas and lead the company to their next investment round.

Membership in the factory programme is by invitation only.

You can apply to become a member. The GEC investment committee will review the business case and assess the innovation and its potential contribution towards the achievement of the SDGs and the international climate targets.

What benefits are Factory companies receiving?

Factory companies can receive up to 200.000 EUR in services from the GEC. The GEC will offer individual investment proposals or jointly invest with an anchor investor, using a broad range of instruments ranging from grants, via non-dilutive loans to participative schemas.

The GEC will look at all barriers to scale, and tailor its services to deliver concrete solutions for the most pressing needs of its portfolio companies together with its network of senior subject matter experts.

Sustainability Services

What impact do we have on our direct customers?

And indirectly?​

How can we quantify this?

Tech Scaling Services

How do I secure lab access?

How can I get from lab level output to industrial scale production lots?

Market Access Services

Which potential customers should I sell to in NRW, Germany, Europe?

Should I create a direct sales operations or should I partner with someone?

Funding Services

Is my business plan convincing?

What terms are available and acceptable?

Which investors are right for me?

Growing Abroad Services

Which countries to target?

How to build up operations?

How to handle tax and transfer pricing?

IP and Legal Services

How can I protect my innovation?​

Should I file for a patent?

Which contracts should I use?

IT Backbone Services

Which systems will help me scale my operations?

How can I automate my processes and sell better?

Soft Landing Services

Which permits do I need and how do I get approval?

How to staff up here?

How can I get people successfully established here?