Upcoming Events

May 19, 2022 – GEC Charity Auktion

A charity event by the GEC in collaboration with the start-up Nanoo, which we have been supporting since this year. Heating plates designed by the French-German street artist L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles) will be up for auction. The collected proceeds will be donated.

May 24, 2022 – GEC Webtalk

Kristal Golan will be our speaker in the first GEC Live 30-minute WebTalk. We will discuss essential learnings & tips for founders of startup businesses how to build fruitful partnerships with corporates to accelerate scaling.

 June 23, 2022 – GEC Executive Innovation Dialogue

On June 23, we warmly invite people from the textile industry, CEOs and board members to our GEC Executive Innovation Dialogue. We will discuss the new EU strategy for sustainable and recyclable textiles with our experts on our brand new GEC Campus.

March 6, 2022 – Textile Award Show 

  • In a festive ceremony, the GEC Textile Awards were presented  at the Areal Böhler industrial park in Meerbusch/Düsseldorf to the 3 winners. More information here

Februrary 16, 2022 – The 6th ECP 

  • The Global Entrepreneurship Centre hosted the opening of the 6th ECP at the brand-new GEC Campus in Dusseldorf Germany. More information here

Februrary 2, 2022 – CLIB Conference

  • Friedrich Barth, the CEO & Founder of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre, moderated Session 5 of the CLIB International Conference 2022. Link to Website here

October 29-30, 2022– deGuT BERLIN 

  • 37th Edition of the German Founder and Entrepreneur Days (Die Deutschen Gründer- und Unternehmertage). The GEC exhibited to engage with SusTechs in Berlin. More information here

October 15, 2021 – Launch Event of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre

  • Grand opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre “Entrepreneurs for a better world”. More information here / Agenda here

September 9, 2021 – Digital Demo Day

  • Exhibition and Presentation. More information here (external link)