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The Global Entrepreneurship Centre promotes startup innovations for mobility, transport and sustainable economic transformation

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) in Meerbusch/ Düsseldorf, an innovation hub and impact investor, is launching into autumn with a new call for deep-tech startups. It is providing support for sustainable technologies with a technology maturity level of 5 or higher, e.g. for overcoming the consequences of the climate crisis and environmental damage, and for promoting the circular economy. Startups that are successful in the innovation competition will receive one of 15 coveted places on the GEC Catalyst Programme at the internationally active centre. Startups from all over the world that have the potential to tackle global sustainability challenges are eligible for funding.

GEC Catalyst Cohort with a New Focus on Innovative Materials

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) presents new pioneers in sustainability. Young companies in the fields of Building and Living, Textiles, Energy, and Food & Agritech respond to the special call for startups (GEC Call for Solutions). The result was a strong cohort of greentech innovations that meet the high standards of the Innovation Hub.

New GEC Call for Solutions with a focus on innovative materials

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is looking for pioneers in sustainability providing a new opportunity for emerging companies to scale up. The GEC supports company founders to grow their sustech startups into scalable businesses.

Kick-off for the new GEC Catalyst Cohort Spring 2023

The GEC has assembled a new cohort for the Catalyst Spring 2023 programme after an extensive selection process. The invitation to compete for places, which started at the beginning of the year, looked for sustainable DeepTech startups in four thematic areas: Building & Living, Textiles, Energy, and Food & Agriculture.

First International Food Startup in the GEC Factory

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre welcomes a new member to the GEC Scaling Factory. After the last call in 2022, which scouted alternative solutions in the food and agriculture sector, there is now Better Nature, the first international food startup in the GEC. The GEC and Better Nature are now working together to launch healthy tempeh products on the German market

Global Entrepreneurship Centre launches new Call for Solutions from sustainable startups

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is looking for pioneers in sustainability providing a new opportunity for emerging companies to scale up. The GEC supports company founders to grow their sustech startups into scalable businesses.


First Anniversary Conference: GEC Forum

On the occasion of its first anniversary, Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC), a transformation hub for scaling startups with a proven focus on sustainability and climate protection, is holding its first annual conference “GEC Forum – Scaling For Impact” at its premises in Meerbusch, Germany from 20 to 21 October 2022.

Global Entrepreneurship Centre takes energy sector startups to the starting grid

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) in Meerbusch, Germany has chosen eight innovative young companies
that it will be helping to develop their business activities in the months ahead. Energy and “green chemicals” made from waste, hot water and electricity from combined solar heating and thermovoltaic collectors, network-independent cooling that uses solar power and ice, light smartly converted by means of nanotechnology and vertical wind power plants are use cases in which the startups are involved. 

Food industry of the future: Global Entrepreneurship Centre promotes sustainable food startups

World population eight billion: a threshold we will cross, according to calculations by the United Nations (UN), on 15 November 2022. And despite slower growth the world’s population could, the UN says, reach 9.7 billion in 2050. People who will need to be fed, preferably without polluting the environment even more. The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) in Meerbusch, Germany is promoting in the GEC Scaling Factory and the GEC Catalyst Programme four startups each that are contributing with innovative food tech solutions toward sustainable, healthy and stable global nutrition.

"Rhein-Kreis Neuss wirbt in Japan für Investitionen und Kooperationen zwischen Start-ups"

Gemeinsam mit dem Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) in Meerbusch wird der Rhein-Kreis Neuss im Oktober in Tokio und Kyoto für Investitionen und für Kooperationen zwischen Start-ups werben. Unterstützung kommt dabei von NRW.Global Business Japan und der Jetro Düsseldorf.

"Rhein-Kreis Neuss präsentierte Start-ups auf dem Digital Demo Day"
"Adapt Vertical Mills Joins GEC Scaling Factory Program"

Adapt Vertical Mills (AVM) is the latest amend to the Scaling Factory program of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) in Meerbusch, Germany located at Areal Boehler near Duesseldorf. Contracts have been signed on 1st July 2022 between Andreas Theil, founder and general manager of Adapt Vertical Mills, and Friedrich Barth, CEO of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre. The local startup Adapt Vertical Mills is well underway on its mission to transform the conventional wind turbine market.

"Charity-Auktion für ukrainische Geflüchtete: Global Entrepreneurship Centre und Scale-up-Unternehmen NANOO versteigern Infrarot-Heizplatten"

Hilfe für ukrainische Geflüchtete: Das Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) und das Scale-up-Unternehmen NANOO versteigern seit Donnerstag, 19. Mai, bei einer Online-Auktion zwei funktionale Kunstwerke. Der Erlös der vom französisch-deutschen Street Artist L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles) gestalteten Infrarot-Heizplatten geht an die
Flüchtlingshilfe des Düsseldorfer Vereins Kin-Top Förderungszentrum e.V. Zum Auftakt der Versteigerung hatte das GEC Freunde, Bekannte und Kunstinteressierte zum Charity-Abend im
Areal Böhler (Meerbusch) eingeladen.

"The Global Entrepreneurship Centre has put out a call for sustainable, healthy and resilient food innovations"

Feeding the expanding world population is one of the biggest global challenges we face. If the food industry were simply to ramp up production with traditional methods there would be significant negative ecological, health and social impacts as a result of greater land use requirements, higher greenhouse gas emissions, more water shortages and the loss of biodiversity. That is why the Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is supporting start-up and scale-up companies with innovative food tech solutions that can make the global food supply more sustainable, healthy and resilient.

"Neue Laborflächen auf dem GEC Campus: Global Entrepreneurship Centre beseitigt Wachstumshürde"

Das Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) bietet Unternehmen, die an innovativen und nachhaltigen Lösungen arbeiten, im Rahmen des GEC Technology Service neue Laborflächen. Seit Ende April 2022 stehen auf dem GEC Campus (Areal Böhler/Meerbusch) vier Container mit insgesamt 120 Quadratmetern Laborfläche sowie vier Lagercontainer zur Verfügung. 

"Unabhängigkeit von Energieimporten: Global Entrepreneurship Centre fördert Energie-Innovatoren"

Unabhängiger vom Import fossiler Energieträger werden, Kohlendioxid als Rohstoffquelle nutzen: Wetterextreme und der Krieg in Europa mahnen uns, Energiebedürfnisse bedachter zu decken. Das Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) unterstützt Start-up- und Scale-up-Unternehmen deshalb dabei, mit innovativen Geschäfts-konzepten und Technologien rund um sauberere, unabhängigere Energie kommerziell erfolgreich zu werden.

"GEC Textile Award 2022"

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) today launched its highly endowed new award for sustainable textiles with a total of EUR 350,000 in prize money. The GEC Textile Award will be presented in January 2022 to entrepreneurs for outstanding contributions to sustainability in the textile industry. The closing date for entries is the end of November 2021. 

"Panel discussions to kick off the ECP Industry Speed Dating event"

Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) and the European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) initiative are hosting a half-day panel event on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Sustainability experts, start-up founders, industry representatives and investors will be taking part in two panel discussions on carbon dioxide as a future raw material and on next-generation foods at the Areal Böhler industrial park in the Rhine district of Neuss on Wednesday afternoon. The panel discussions will be live streamed online free of charge.

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“Rhein-Kreis Neuss wirbt in Japan für Investitionen und Kooperationen zwischen Start-ups”