GEC Lab Village

Labs on the GEC Campus

Are you working on sustainable processes and products? 
Do you already have a lab? If not, you aren’t alone. Many startup and scaleup companies lose months or years waiting for a lab space. The Global Entrepreneurship Center (GEC) in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf comes to the rescue with lab and storage containers and coworking spaces that allow you to flexibly scale up your sustainable business.

The four lab containers, each measuring 35 square meters, are fully equipped for efficient operation with equipment, air
conditioning, lighting, interior furnishings, IT security and network control, and AC/DC power. The laboratories comply with Protection Level 2 (S2) of the German Biosubustances Ordinance. They allow all analyses to be carried out efficiently and with the required flexibility. In addition, four storage containers are available.

Also on site: coworking spaces, consulting and services, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with other startups and scaleups that contribute to sustainability and climate protection. 

Interior equipment & site plan

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The laboratory containers offer a fully equipped solution: equipment (two clean benches, class II), air conditioning, flooring, lighting, interior fittings, IT security and network control.

Inside the laboratory container there are four separate sections – so-called functional units. The entire laboratory container is furnished with a range of built-in cabinets, shelves, wipe-clean worktops and desks.

A total of 5- 6 workstations are provided in the laboratory container where medical staff can carry out test activities. The laboratory container offers a cooling volume of 770 L (+2 – +8°C) and a freezing volume of 87 L (-20°C). 

Contact person

Dr. Svetlana Nikolic Poligenis

GEC Senior Scientific Advisor /